Sunday, September 11, 2011


My presentation on sharks went very well.  Not many of the people I had been able to invite came, so it was a small audience, but I didn't really mind.  Everybody said that they enjoyed it, and learned a lot.  I just uploaded a video I made for the presetnation to YouTube.  Here is the link!

During the presentation I forgot to talk about my goals for the year, it was long enough anyways.  (Around an hour or so I think)
To Visit an Aquarium where there are sharks so I can study real sharks.
To go on a whale watch.  There's always the chance I'll see a shark, and I do like whales, too.
To learn to swim better, I'd like to take diving lessons, but I'm not a strong swimmer.
To see a shark in it's natural habitat.  (Slightly ambitious)

Those are my Shark related goals.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Updated list

This is my list of things to get done now:
Reef Sharks - ^ (The box is going to be most of the info on reef sharks)
Krill Eaters - ^
Man Eaters - ~
Small Sharks - x
Shark Skeletons - x
2001: Summer of the Sharks - ~
Shark Produsts - ~
Odd Places for Sharks - ^
Sharks of New England - ~
~=done, x=not even started, ^=started.

The models I still need to do are the same.  And the pictures are going to be done EASILY! In fact I'll probably do the pictures today, after my dance classes or something.  The models I will finish tomorrow.
My Presentation is tomorrow, will I be ready?  Who knows.  I'm going to have a small "survey" for people to tell me what they thought about my presentation, that way I'll know for my end of the year Presentation what to do again, and what not to do.  I'll finish up the pages I've started, and all my pictures tonight, and tomorrow I will only have two pages, and my models to finish.  Tomorrow's the big night, wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2001: The Summer of the Sharks

The summer of 2001 has been named "The Summer of the Sharks", but nobody knows why! There were no more attacks than in other years, some even say there were less! But the news was crawling with sharks, and shark attacks in 2001.  I am only mentioning the most well known attacks.
    The first attack of the summer was on July 6th.

Jesse Arbogast was 8-years-old when swimming with his Uncle near Pensacola, Florida. Jesse's arm was grabbed by a 200 pound, 7' Bull shark. His arm was severed. Jesse's Uncle grabbed the shark, and dragged in onto the beach. Help was called.
    A park ranger came. He ended up shooting, and killing the shark. After the shark was dead, he reached in, and pulled out Jesse's arm. Jesse was brought to the hospital, where his arm was reattached.
    Today Jesse is happily living with his parents, though he suffers from brain damage, and inability to control his limbs because of the attack.

The second Shark attack was in the Bahamas, shortly after Jesse's misfortune.

Krishna Thompson and his wife AveMaria were at the Bahamas for their anniversary.  Krishna decides to go to the beach as soon as possible, but his wife remembers all the news about sharks, and decides to just go to the hotel pool instead.  Krishna goes into the water, knowing how unlikely it is that he'll get attacked.  A few minutes later he was in the jaws of a bull shark. 
    The bull shark nearly severed his leg, and Krishna knew the only way he was going to have a chance of surviving was to get to the beach.  Swimming with only his arms, Krishna reached the beach.  A few people ran up to him, and asked if he was a guest at the hotel.  On Shark Week he says he wrote his room number in the sand.
    When the hotel staff got the news they rushed to find AveMaria.  On Shark Week she says she thought it was going to be something in continuation of their nice anniversary weekend.  When she got to the beach she saw him lying in the sand, almost dead.  He survived his ordeal with the bull shark also, but he does not suffer from any brain damage, though has had to go through lots of surgery to save his leg.

Later on September 1st a boy died after being attacked on Virginia Beach..

David Peltier, 10-years-old, was attack while surfing with his Dad, and two brothers.  The Shark grabbed David by his leg, severing the femoral artery.  David's father punched the shark several times before the shark let go, and swam away.  David's father got him to the beach and called for help.  David was brought to a children's hospital, where he later died.

Just two days after David was attacked, and killed, a man, and his fiance were attacked on September 3rd.

Natalia Slobodskaya, and Sergei Zaloukaev, were swimming together in Virginia, close to where David was attacked.  Natalia felt something bump her, and at first thought it was some of her friends, trying to scare her.  It bit her a few times, and Sergei told her that it was a shark, and told her to swim fast. 
    They started to swim back to shore together, the whole time the shark was attacking.  Natalia lost a foot, but Sergei had it much, much worse.  A few days after the attack Natalia was told by her mother that Sergei had not survived the ordeal.
    Natalia, and Sergei were going to be leaving the USA within days to go back to Moscow, where they lived.

A few days after Natalia learned that Sergei had died the Summer of the Sharks was ended with a bang, with the 9/11 terrorist attack.

This is my "2001 - Summer of the Sharks" page :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Project Date

The project date is set for September 9th.  (Which will be my official 2nd day of school!)  It's this Friday!
For the next few days I'm going to be writing, typing, drawing, and reserching up a storm!! Luckily, I have every page, drawing, etc., planned out! I have a list of papers that I'm working on, ones that are done, and ones I haven't even started! Key: ^ = started, ~ = finished, and x = not started!

Reef Sharks - ^ (The box is going to be most of the info on reef sharks)
Krill Eaters - x
Man Eaters - ^
Small Sharks - x
Shark Teeth and Jaws - x
2001: Summer of the Sharks - ^
Shark Produsts - ~
Odd Places for Sharks - x
And I also used my last post as a page:
Sharks of New England - ~

As you can see I have a lot of things to do.  Those are just pages! But each page only takes about a half hour, to an hour to write and research, so if I can I'm going to finish all of them tomorrow.

Then Thursday (if I get all my pages done tomorrow,  but don't have any time to start pictures then) I'll do my pictures. 
Great Whites
Goblin Sharks
Basking Sharks
Thresher Sharks
Shark senses

Each of those sharks have something different in apparence from each other.  I will also label the fins in each picture.

And those will take probably 10-15 minutes each picture.   But I have dance of Thursday, so if I don't do those earlier, then I won't be able to do my models, too.

My clay models are already done.  But I also have my shoe box reef, and my "booklet".  My booklet is two pieces of cardboard taped together, and I'm putting small drawings on the "pages".

Friday I'll make sure everything is ready, and do any finishing touches.  It'll be hard, but that's what I get for forgetting about it for so long.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

New England sharks

I'm going to do a series of posts about sharks in different places in the USA.  My first state is one that I was always told was a place too cold for sharks.  New England.

Several species of sharks that live in New England are:
Basking Sharks
Great Whites
Blue Sharks
Hammerhead (only one kind)
Dusky Sharks

Basking sharks are the second largest type of sharks, but are harmless to humans! They are krill-eaters.  They are more often spotted in the summertime in New England.

Dogfish are a small variety of sharks, that often get stuck in lobster traps.  Dogfish may bite humans, but it will not be a serious injury.

Everybody knows that Great Whites have been known to attack humans.  But do they attack in New England?  Well in 1916 there was a well-known series of shark attacks, where the Great White swam up a river in New York, and attacked people swimming in the river.  The last Great White I have heard of in New England was caught off the coast of Boston, it was a young male.  Here is some good information about Great Whites, and attacks.  Please notice that the most recent fatal attack was 1938.

I do not know very much about Thresher Sharks.  I know that they very rarely attack humans.  In fact I have never heard of a Thresher attack.  They have very long tails, which is where they get their names, if I'm not mistaken.

Blue Sharks.  A larger species of shark, yet still not as big as Great Whites,  Bulls, Hammerheads, or Tigers.  These sharks will swim into waist-deep water, and will - very, very, very, rarely - attack humans.

Makos, shortfins are common in New England, but are consider good eating.  Male makos rarely reach over 500 lbs., but most females reach 1,000 lbs., or higher! Makos have been known to eat Blue sharks!

Porbeagles look a lot like shortfin Makos, and the two species are often confused.  They live in New England all year long.  Females can get around 200 lbs., heavier than the males.

Smooth Hammerheads live in New England.  Some species of Hammerhead live in schools, including Smooth Hammerheads.  Out of all Hammerhead species, Smooth Hammerheads are the most cold hardy, and can is found worldwide.  They tend to like to stay in shallow water, in large groups.

Tiger sharks are identified by the stripes on their backs, and sides.  Tigers are also known as the "Garbage cans of the Sea" because they will eat almost anything.  Unfortunately, that includes humans.  However, these sharks are popular in demand for their fins, skin, and livers.  And with their slow reproduction rate they are listed as endangered species.

Dusky sharks have often been mistaken for Bull Sharks in New England.  Bull Sharks do not live in New England, but Dusky Shark have a similar look.  These Sharks also have a slow reproduction rate, and are not able to breed until they are about 18-23 years old! The females only have a litter once every 3, or more, years.  They are also very valuable, and over fished for fins, skin, meat, and livers.

So these are Sharks of New England!

This is going to be on of the info sheets for my project.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Project part 3 - Info sheets!

I have a presentation board that was being used for my Snakehead project, that a few of you may know about.  (I never finished that project...)

I am going to have multipul sheets of paper about different species of sharks:

1. Reef Sharks: Blacktipped, Whitetipped, and more! (The shoe box is a shoebox reef, in case you forgot)

2. Harmless Sharks: Harmless to humans that is... They still have to eat.

3. "Man-Eaters": Do they really eat men?  And do they eat women and children, too?

4. Small Sharks: And you thought sharks were big man-eaters!

5. Shark Teeth, and Jaws: The only bones they have.

6. 2001: Summer of the Sharks... For some unknown reason.

7. Shark products: I know.  I didn't want to know about these either.

8. Odd places to find sharks: Washington state, Greenland, Canada, sharks are everywhere!

I'm also going to have handouts with a little bit of information from each sheet on them.  But that's a whole other post :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Somebody asked me what I want to be when I grow up.  Obviously I said "I want to be a Zoologist, or Marine Biologist.  My favorite animal is sharks."

   Then I explained the family sharks are in (Elasmobrach, a family of "cartilige fish" fish without actual bones, their skeletons are made out of cartilige instead of bones.  The only bones in their bodies are their teeth!), and the family that Whales, and Dolphins are in (Cetacean, a family of aquatic mammals.), these are the animals I want to study.
   Thayet, is doing well, she will swim up to your finger, and nudge it, or bite it if you stick in her tank.  She also swam onto my hand a few times.  I do not think that she is ready to breed, but then again I'm ready to breed them!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Shark Project Part 2: The Shoebox Reef

Part two is here!! I also put up a POLL for anybody interested, vote for the new URL! :)

 This is a reef I'm making out of cardboard.  I'll be making more "Reef Squares" to add, but for now I only have one!

This is the top of my shoebox.  It's going to be in my "shark museum" during my presentation!

This is the inside.  As you can see, my cardboard reefs are not in place, the shoebox isn't completely blue yet, and there is only one shark.  (It's a Blacktip Reef Shark in case you're wondering.) 

I have made more progress on making the inside of the shoebox blue.  Now instead of painting it I've been going at it with a blue marker.  :) 

Part 3 is going to be coming soon, that'll be "Info Sheets".  But I may do a post on another "project", on my smaller "sharks" King Jonathan, and Queen Thayet Bubbles.  :D  My Bettas.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Project - Part one: Clay

I'm afraid I was much too busy to post anything yesterday.  And for those who are readers, but not followers, I am going to be changing to URL.  I think it's going to become, juniorzoologist.blogspot, or the thesharkkid.blogspot.  Why don't I put up a poll?  Comment with any other ideas!

This is the beginning of my project.
This is a small model shark, one I did just for fun, and not the better one.

This is my "sparkle shark"! My better model, with all it's fins, and such correctly placed, and spaced apart from each other.

This is the BEGINNING of my project! Later I'll will post "Project - Part two: The Shoebox".  :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Now presenting: The SHARK ZONE!

I have decided to change Disaster Spot, again.  Yes, AGAIN.  Natural Disasters used to be my favorite thing in the world! (Well not quite, but I did spent a little too much time studying them.  Now I like sharks better than disasters.  I mean I've always, always, ALWAYS loved sharks, I just loved disasters more at that time, and when I made this blog!

Well now my thing is sharks.  BIG sharks.  Little sharks.  Any size, any type, any color, any pattern, any level of aggression, and any prehistoric shark. 

And other fish.  But mostly sharks.  This blog is now going to be "The Shark Zone", but I'm also going to information about other fish.  Such as: I got a female Betta as a birthday present this year, I got a male last year.  So at some point in time I am going to breed them, when?  I don't know.  But I'll post pictures, and videos, and updates, and all that good stuff :p

Tomorrow I will post the beginnings of a shark project I'm working on.  When I'm finished it's gonna be HUGE.  I am going to be giving a presentation on Shark for my family, and friend sometime at the start of the school year! (I know it sounds kind of backwards...)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The end of the World *Part 1*

Apparently the world was supposed to end last Saturday.  Some people were saying it was going to be Zombies (:D), most said natural disasters.  Disasters did hit in some places. 
                                                            So now I have a question:

If you could choose how the world
was going to end, how would
it happen?  And when?

My answer is: It would an outbreak of a illness that nobody has ever seen before. 
   The illness will turn certain people into zombies.  The rest of the people would have to find out how to destroy this illness, because it's contagious, even if it means finding, and killing, the infected people. 
   The Disease can only be transferred by the bite, or scratch, of a zombie.  You can (obviously) only kill a zombie by destroying it's brain.  You must do that without getting bitten, or scratched.
   It will happen within the next 10 years.  Good luck.

I will be looking foward to reading what you say! And remember you can't say you don't want the world to end.  If the world as we know it HAS TO END, and you get to choose how, how would you want it to end?
   I'll put up a page about your choices later, so make sure I get a lot of disasterous endings to put on the page!

Friday, April 1, 2011


So obviously at least one person fell for my last post.  I wouldn't delete Disaster Spot! And if I decide I don't like Disasters anymore it'll be something like "The Shark Zone"! Or something similar.  So I hope I didn't freak you out too bad, but I hope you fell for it, at least for a few seconds!


I'm sorry.  I don't really like Disasters, and even though it's "Disaster Spot" again and not "Creepy Corner" I don't want to have this blog anymore.  I am going to delete it.  Good-bye, and thank you all for reading while it was up.   ._.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Year change! 1998-1999

I figured, seeing as we've been in 1998 for a looooong time, we should switch! To 1999.  No not a giant step, but hey, it's progress, and progress is good.  Somewhat.... I guess.  I dunno, all I know is that there's a another year full of Disasters coming to Disaster Spot, are you ready?

(That sounds like some kind of comercial, I know..)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Great Ice Storm of 1998 *

Between January fifth, and tenth 1998, for more than 80 hours, was a steady freezing rain fell over an area thousands of square miles around Eastern Ontario.  Ottawa, Kingston, Quebec, Northern New York, and Northern New England all got hit.  A little farther south had severe flooding, and heavy rains.  And farther east had heavy snow falls. 
Lots of power lines were broken, and over 1,000 pylons collapsed due to ice.  More than 4,000,000 people were without power.  About 700,000 of Maine's residents-out of about 1.2 million-lost power.  Powerloss meant many farmers could not get water to their animals.  And the heavy ice made barn roofs collapse.  Many farm animals were killed.
Bridges and Tunnel were shut down.  Parts of "Old Montreal" were shut down because sheets of ice were falling off of buildings.
Millions of trees were brought down.  The Maple syrup industry suffered badly.  And Quebec has the largest Maple Syrup industry in the world! (Is that why Canada has a maple leaf on their flag?!)
The cost of the damage was 5-7 billion dollars.  Only 35 people died, and 28 of those were in Canada.  945 other people got injured. 
This is where I got most of my information!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am doing a project on Snakehead fish for a fair, and I wanted to know how you like it so far :)

Snakeheads are big fish, with even bigger reputations. They are “Known” to kill people. The biggest species grows to about 4 feet in length, and 40 or more pounds. They are said to be able to walk on land, and breathe air for up to three days! A true nightmare fish. “Frankenfish” is another name for them. Here are the facts to counter those few legends I mentioned here!

Only the biggest species of Snakehead reach 4 feet, all other species are under 3 feet! They do not kill humans, though in some places in the world they will attack humans that go near their nest. They can “walk” about as well as a snake, but only on wet muddy patches of land, they cannot move across dry land. They can breathe air. Snakeheads have lungs, and gills. Several fish have both lungs (or a breathing organ called the “Labyrinth”), and gills, example: Betta Fish! This organ simply allows the fish to be able to live in low oxygen conditions. And no matter what you read, they cannot live out of water for three days! They are still fish, and all fish need water to survive.

I also have a presentation board, with lots of pictures.  Thia is only one of my papers that are going to the board!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Disaster Spot

I'm thinking about getting rid of Creepy Corner, and bringing back Disaster Spot.  I had a lot of fun working on Disaster Spot, and then when I changed it I stopped thinking of things to write about.  So, let's welcome back Disaster Spot with this post(:

Seeing as Japan just got hit by some pretty major stuff, let's go back a few years to another Earthquake-Tsunani mix.  In 1998 (which is the year of Disasters we are in.), on July 17th, around 6:49 (their local time!) an Earthquake hit, at the boundery of the Pacific and Austrailian tetonic plates.  The Earthquake was thought to have made 25 mile long crack, but turned out to have triggered a Tsunami, which triggered an underwater landslide! Results, were around 2,200 dead, thousands (can't find number) injured, 9,500 homeless, and about 500 missing! The worst hit village was called Arop, it was directly in the path of the Tsunami (not a great place to be, in case you didn't know.) Here is where I found most of the information. (This is a link if it doesn't show up!)

Anyway, I hope you are as excited as I am that I'm bring Disaster Spot back!



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Short Storys.

Funny/odd/almost-creepy story from competition.  Meep did a Solo to the song "Mad World".  There were two other Mad worlds at the competition.  The other two were groups.  But, really people?!  Apparently it really is a mad world! XP

By the way........ Have I mentioned my AMAZING idea for a Halloween costume (I know, right on subject :P)?  VICTIM OF A FATAL SHARK ATTACK! It's going to be amazing.  I will post pictures.  I'll get a black wet suit (maybe? O.O), and put fake skin, and red syrup kind of stuff on my legs and arms so it looks like I've been chewed to bits! :D  Then I'll mess up my hair, and draw scratches on my face.  Maybe I'll have a fake hand, and I'll just drop it in somebodies candy bowl!! XD It'll be awesome, if I can do it. :)  I will also put white powered on my face, and in my hair, so I'll look like a ghost! I don't care if it's March, and I already know what I'm going to be for Halloween. -.-  I started looking for a costume on LAST Halloween! It's my favorite holiday.... I like Halloween better than Christmas, or Easter! Also, you don't get as much candy on any other holiday! As if I needed another reason for Halloween to be my favorite holiday!

Anyway... >_>

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Movie, AND Book review!

Title: Frozen
Characters: Parker (A Girl), Dan (Parker's Boy friend), Joe (Dan's best friend).
Plot: Three friends want to ski, and snowboard down the mountain one more time before they leave.  They bribe the ski-lift operator, and then another operator takes over.  The other operator sees three people come down the mountain, and was told "Three more are going up, wait for them".  The operator shuts down, and leaves.  The mountain is not open again until the following Friday, and the friends are trapped.  Dan jumps off the lift, and breaks both legs.  Parker's hand freezes to the safety bar, and she rips it off, bleeding, and frost-bitten.  Joe climbs on a wire across to other chairs, until he comes to one with a ladder, and climbs down.  Only Parker survives.
Rating (like rated G kind of rating :P): R
Rating (as in how good it was...): **

I only rate it "two stars" because it was so boring I fell asleep.  And I DO NOT  fall alseep during movies.  I DO NOT.  The first time I stayed up really late watching a movie (that I remember) was Jarhead, or heads... I don't know, but I stayed up with my Mom watching that until past midnight, and my Dad fell asleep for that one!

Title: Killer Pizza
Main Characters: Toby, Annabel, "Strobe", Harvey, and Steve.
Plot: Toby finally finds a job at a pizza place, called "Killer Pizza".  He works with three others, Doug, Annabel, and Strobe.  Annabel is a leader at heart, and figures out how everybody can work together well.  Strobe is strong and silent, and is a teen with a dark past.  Toby is the kid who doesn't get great grades, (haha "get great grades") and doesn't find it easy to make friends.  Doug is the kid who sits in the corner, watching everybody else work.  It turns out Doug is really the owner of Killer Pizza (harvey), but he's more than that! He's a monster hunter, and he wants to employ, and train Toby,  Annabel, and Strobe.  They agree, and have to hunt down guttata.  As they fight, Annabel gets captured by the Alpha male himself! The alpha says that he will let her go, and leave the city, if the MCO (Monster Combat Officers), will let them have their monthly gathering in peace.  Strobe, and Toby don't like it.  They rescue Annabel!
Age range: Young Adult.
Rating: Out of 5 ********************.

Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, LOVE this book!

Friday, February 18, 2011

More Zombies, and Sharks.

Found two zombie podcasts that I'm listening to.  One is called "The Zombie Chronicles".  The other is "Zombie Strike".  Zombie Strike is called "clean" on iTunes, The Zombie Chronicles on the other hand... Let's just say, isn't.  But I haven't listened to Zombie Strike, yet.  The Zombie Chronicles is good though.  Now, a Disaster Spot post!

2001 was called "The Summer of The Shark", though only three people actually died.  The same number as in 1991.  Less than in 1981.  Two people died within days of each other, both males.  David Peltier, was the first death of 2001.  A 10-year-old boy, who died while surfing with his father.  His father tried to pry the shark's mouth open, and got his hand cut.  He also tried punching the shark, and finally got his son free.  The boy's femoral artery was, sadly, severed, and David died.  Sergei Zaloukaev, age 28, was next, two days after David's attack! Sergei also died, but the sad part about this attack is really his swimming companion:
Sergei got attacked by a shark while helping his girlfriend get out of the shark's mouth.  She escape with severe injuries.  She got attacked before Sergei even! Her leg was taken, but he died..  They were taking their last swim before leaving the US to go back to Russia when it happened.  They were in North Carolina.  David was in Virginia.  Eric Reichardt, 42, was next, but it wasn't because of a shark he died, they say he was fighting off a shark - while diving - when his diving regulator probably fell out of his mouth, and he drowned.  That's what most people think, some think he simply drowned, some blame sharks.  The funny thing is: They claim not to know what type of shark got any of them! Though on the show (Shaaaaarrrkkk weeeeeeeeeeek o_o) I watched about these attacks blamed a bull shark for the first two I talked about! Some scientists believe that Sergei, and David were both killed by Bull Sharks, some believe Sergei was killed by a Tiger Shark.   Bull sharks are said to have the highest level of circulating Testosterone, than any other creature on the planet, which is, supposedly, what makes them the most aggressive species of shark.  Bull Sharks have special glands that can release salt into the water around them to make it possible for them to live in fresh water rivers, and lakes, as well as salt water oceans, and seas.  This is supposed to make Bulls the most dangerous type of shark.  Really, very few sharks are dangerous:
Bull sharks (I wonder how I knew this one IS dangerous! :O)
Great White Sharks (seems obvious you say?  I'm just trying to tell you a few kinds of sharks that are dangerous! Geeeeeez!)
Tiger Sharks (duh)
WHALE SHARKS (hahaha, not :P  No really, they're completely harmless!!)
Sand Tiger Shark
Hammerhead Shark
Spinner Shark
Blue Shark
Researching is such a long word, don't you think?  It should shrink.  That's what I think, but what do I know?  Other than sharks? :P

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


As if I needed any predatory animals to be freaking out excitedly about.  Great White sharks.  I got a book.  It's going to be my school book next year.  It's called "Great White Sharks: Biology of the Carcharodon Carcharias".  Carcharodon Carcharias is the scientific name for the Great White Shark.  I'm getting good at remember the scientific names of big(most of the time big), ugly, mean fish.  Piranhas without looking at anything, even for spelling, is from the family Channidae.  And the sub-family Serrasalmidae.  Now I will look at my little Piranha chart, that I made myself, for spelling.  So I started reading the introduction of my shark book.  In the introduction they describe a Carcharodon Carcharias attacking, killing, and devouring a seal.  So! After reading the description I got onto youtube!! Where I found, multipul videos of Great Whites attacking, killing, and devouring seals!! Ahh, gotta love youtube! My favorite youtube video was a related video to one of the shark videos! It's not a video about sharks, but I LOVE the video! Very interesting link I, litterally, JUST found! That's really rare!! What that "Very interesting link I, litterally, JUST found" talks about! Did you know that the world's largest fresh water shark is the basking shark?  They live in the northern US.  And my last link, I promise.  And this one is actually a bloody, gross one about a shark eating! That's it! :D

Monday, January 31, 2011

JAWS, and what it did to me :P And some other movies...

On Netflix I was reading the rating for the movie JAWS.  All, but one, of the ratings were 5-stars.  When I told my Mom I got the response: "Are you serious?  That movie sucked!" To which I said, "I love that movie! It's a great movie! It started my horror-creature feature-shark-fish(actually King started my fish phase...)-man-eating animal movie phase!!" And now, because of the movie JAWS, I want to be a Marine Biologist, and my two favorite movies are Zombieland, and Black Water.  Black Water is about a man-eating crocodile, and is based on true events!!! Zombieland is about Columbus, and Tallahassee(<3), and zombies(amazing, huh?)!  Anyway, if it weren't for JAWS I never would've found: Black Water, Croc, Blue Demon, Piranha, Shark Attack, Shark Attack in the Mediterranean, Man-eater(haven't watched... Yet), Razor tooth(That movie scared me soo bad! Though the special effects were worse than JAWS :), or any other AMAZING creature feature movie! (My favorite genre, by the way.)  It actually wasn't JAWS' fault I like Zombieland.  The blame for Zland can be given to my Dad for renting "28 Weeks Later" which was a pretty good movie.  Though it's "other half" "28 Days Later" was awful.  Both were about Zombies, in case you didn't get that.  Of coarse, I found some other Zombie movies that look good, but the day I went to watch one it wasn't a play it now on Netflix, which made me :(.  Then I was going to watch the Resident Evil movies, and those aren't play-it-nows anymore either.  :(  THEN I decided to watch Anaconda (I already love snakes ;P), and guess what.  The first one isn't a play-it-now..... Netflix lost a fan.  Actually, not really, because River Monsters Season 2 is up now! Netflix made me mad... OK, I'll stop complaining about Netflix's play-it-now choices.  Speaking of netflix..... I haven't finish River Monsters season two yet! :O
~~~Watching :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

River Monsters

River Monsters is a TV show that is on Animals planet.  Now I don't have a TV, and I came across this FABULOUS TV show through the magic of Netflix.  It's a documentry show, as are most shows on animal planet.  About River Monsters!! A.K.A. Giant freshwater fish that eat, or just kill people! Sounds like a good show right?  Well it is! But it's not for the faint of heart, or the weak-stomached.  :3  If you really want to know, you can do a few things about your curiousity:
1. Ignore it, it's gotten you in some pretty odd situations before.  (I know the feeling!) o.o
2. Look up the following fish:
Alligator Gar
Wels Catfish
Piraiba Catifsh
Candiru Catfish
Candiru Asu Catfish (Those catfish dude, they're awful!)
Bull Shark
Giant Freshwater Stingray

I highly recomend the last two.  Pfft, completely ignore the first one even!! Unless you hate the sight of blood, and bones... Then trust your better judgement.  XD  Though the second option would be O.K., too! My new dream aquarium includes:
Redbellied Piranhas (Piranhas)
Needlenose Gar (looks like alligator gar on smaller scale)
Cory Cats (look a bit like wels catfish!)
Redfinned shark (Look a tiny, tiny bit like Arapaimas)
Banded Bamboo Shark (Piraiba Catfish)
>insert fish that looks like bull shark here<(<--- Skilled tagging :3)
Giant Freshwater Stingray (Blue-spotted Stingray is the look alike!)

I love fish! <3 ............ <33 .............. <333333333333333333333333333 <---- FISH.  Okay I'm done posting now! XP
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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Have a Creepy New Year everybody!! :D  Haha, this is a "Year Change" right?  I thought I should add that label.  :)  It's 2011 now! Well, that's it........... Creepy New Year!! :P