Sunday, July 29, 2012

Zip the Gourami

Hey everybody!

Nearly two weeks ago I got a golden Gourami named Zip!

Zip once had a friend (a twin!) named Zipper.  He also had two silver Gourami friends named Romeo, and Juliet, and one kissing Gourami friend named Jaws.  Slowly, one by one all of Zip's friends died, and so Zip's owners decided to get rid of him, and his big 55 Gallon tank.  Then he went to his new owner's house and lives with a bunch of platys, and a catfish.  the end.

That's Zip's story! I haven't gotten the 55 Gallon tank yet, I'm still working on the supplies.  I have sand, I'm still working on rocks, and I need to buy plants.  First I'm going to sketch out an Aquascape plan! This should be a lot of fun!

Other fish update: No Platys have given birth THAT I SAW.  They may have, and then eaten their babies... Eli still hasn't eaten anything since I put him in the guppy tank that I've seen.  Emmett Flare died Thursday night RIP.  He was apparently the oldest, and he's the one who might have had SBD.  Muddy I haven't seen eating either, but they're both still alive, so I think they're eating something!

That's it! :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Something about Platys...

Something a lot of people don't realize about platys, livebearers in general, is that they will eat their own babies, and the tankmates will often eat the fry.  So what is thought to have happened to Kathrine's babies is that she gave birth at her old home, and they ate most of the babies.  All but one as far as I know.  So now I have to wait for Tara, and Lexi to give birth, I'm really excited about having baby fish, even though I won't be able to keep them.

Tank update:
Getting the 55 Gallon tank tonight, and setting it up tomorrow! Tomorrow I will be picking up Java fern, and temporarily putting it all in the big tank until all of my fish are out of the Quarantine tank, and Betta tank, then I'm going to upgrade both to sand, and live plants.  Aquascaping the big tank should be interesting! I've found five pictures of aquascapes on Google that I really like, so I'm going to try and put them all together into one really awesome aquascape! I'm going for a moderately planted, with wood, and rocks look.  After this post I have to find some rocks :)

Fish update:
I will have had my new fish for a week tomorrow! :) I cleaned out from under Muddy's rock this morning, and had to kick him out.  He was spazzing everywhere until I finished and put his cave back together! My platys don't enjoy water changes either.  Lexi has some kind of fungus, or Ich! I'm not completely sure, but it should be easy enough to get rid of.  Elijah still won't eat! He'll be back with his girls on the 15th, at latest.  I'll probably put him back with the girls after moving Kathrine, and Tara out.  So the 12th.  The guppies are the most playful fish I've ever had! I love them, a lot ;p I'm going to pay for 5-6 female guppies tonight, then pick them up in a week or so.  I'm really excited about all of this!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Future 55 Gallon tank

The only reason I got my 12 new fish is because pretty soon I'm getting a 55 Gallon tank, and I'm putting them all into the big tank! This is my plan for it.  I'm hoping to get it this week.

Substrate: Play Sand

Plants: Java Fern, Amazon Swords, Green Cabomba, Wendtii Red/Brown, Sunset Hygrophila, and Anubias petite nana.

Fish: 1 Golden Gourami, 8 Platys (7:1 female:male ratio is what I have!), 9 Guppies (2:1 female:male ratio), 2 Striped Rubbernose Plecos (have 1 already, and I think I'd like another), and 6-8 Kuhli Loaches.

First, I'm going to add the sand, decorations, and plants.  It depends on how the plants need to be planted.  Ones that need to go in the sand are planted before decorations go in.  Others go in after.  After I add sand I add some water, before anything else.  Then I fill it with water, and add the first fish.

I plan to add in the fish a few at a time so the filter can handle the waste load.  The order:
1. Gourami will go in as soon as I get the tank set up, he comes with the tank.
2. A week later I'll put the two biggest platys in, the next day I'll put the next two, the next day the same, then the smallest, and the male the next day!
3. A week after the first platys go in the male guppies go in, then a few days later the females.
4. The Kuhli Loaches are next, I'll probably add them in all at once.
5. The Plecos are last! I might end up getting some snails too, but I don't know yet, I'll decide that later.

For the 6.6 Gallon tank I'm going to get sand, and live plants, but leave it empty as a quarantine tank.

The 3.5 Gallon is going to be a lot of fun.  It's going to be a Halloween themed Betta tank! I'm going to get black, and orange gravel (I'm going to put it over a layer of sand to put plants in), live plants (only colored plants that match the gravel!), and Halloween themed decorations.  I have plastic pumpkins that I'm going to cut up so my future Betta can swim through it, maybe I'll get a Skull decoration, and a shark.  I'm not sure of the specific decor yet, but by Christmas I'll have a Halloween themed Betta tank I hope :)  Then I'm going to see if I can find either I black and orange, black and red, red, black (maybe with dark blue), or purple Betta to go in it!  If I can find a full Halfmoon in one of the colors I just listed it would be even better.

That's my tank plan!

Fish update:
Muddy the Pleco has been holding onto the bottom of the rock in the cave I gave him, and then falling off, freaking me out, and moving just as I start to really panic.  I believe that Muddy is in fact a he.  Kathrine still has not given birth.  Tara is getting close to giving birth too! Lexi is still pretty far behind.  Elijah continues his sulking, and refuses to eat.  Stefan, and Damon are still friends and got really excited when I turned the filter on this morning.  I fed Emmett a pea, so if he did have a swim bladder problem hopefully I managed to clear it up.  If not, well, he ate something for the first time I saw.  Toph is still tiny, and loves swimming up, and down next to the wall of the tank.  It's a little weird... Elena, Rosalie, and Scarlet play together, I'd never seen fish play until I got guppies, and platys, my female Bettas used to play in the filter bubbles for two seconds until they saw the other females, then went into attack mode.  When Zoey was the only Betta in the tank she hated the filter.

Well, that's enough for now.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Emmett Flare one of my guppies may be sick.  I was hoping when I asked the TFF members about it they'd say it was normal, and I was just inexperienced, so I didn't know what was normal with guppies.  Unfortunately, they told me he might be sick.  His tank mates Damon, and Stefan weren't acting like that, which is part of the reason I was so worried about it.  Now I'm glad I was.  Someone told me that most guppies with what they think he has don't last very long, so it's a good thing I caught it quickly! Though it might also be a "mating dance" and he might be fine.  So what I've decided to do is feed him a pea, which is what you're supposed to feed fish with swim bladder problems, and see if he gets better.  That's right all I can do I guess.  I tried to upload a video, but it refused to cooperate.

Update on my other fish.  Kathrine still hasn't given birth, I'm almost starting to get worried about her, but she's probably fine, and I'm probably just paranoid.  (<-- not surprised!)  Muddy the L444 Pleco (I love that common name, L444...) is a girl I think! I need to see it out of the cave I gave it this morning to really be able to tell, it was chasing the platys out of it's cave when I first put it in there.  Lexi is closer to giving birth than Tara, in a week or so.  Tara, I give her about two more weeks, so she should (hopefully) be in the big tank by then.  Stefan wants to be friends with Elijah.  Elijah hates the world right now because I put him in the guppy tank because he was annoying the prego female platys.  Damon, and Stefan are actually friends! They're brothers.  They don't nipped fins, or chase each other, they play together like circling around each other.  It's pretty interesting! They love the filter.  Toph enjoyed swimming near the gravel vacuum when I was cleaning the tank this morning, then swimming away, she's fun to watch.