Thursday, May 26, 2011

The end of the World *Part 1*

Apparently the world was supposed to end last Saturday.  Some people were saying it was going to be Zombies (:D), most said natural disasters.  Disasters did hit in some places. 
                                                            So now I have a question:

If you could choose how the world
was going to end, how would
it happen?  And when?

My answer is: It would an outbreak of a illness that nobody has ever seen before. 
   The illness will turn certain people into zombies.  The rest of the people would have to find out how to destroy this illness, because it's contagious, even if it means finding, and killing, the infected people. 
   The Disease can only be transferred by the bite, or scratch, of a zombie.  You can (obviously) only kill a zombie by destroying it's brain.  You must do that without getting bitten, or scratched.
   It will happen within the next 10 years.  Good luck.

I will be looking foward to reading what you say! And remember you can't say you don't want the world to end.  If the world as we know it HAS TO END, and you get to choose how, how would you want it to end?
   I'll put up a page about your choices later, so make sure I get a lot of disasterous endings to put on the page!