Monday, July 12, 2010

New years 1997-1998

Sorry readers!!! Year-Change was supposed to happen on the 11Th, yesterday, but oh well. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! IT'S 1998!! And everyone here at Disaster spot can look forward to another year of Disasters!! Well, I might do tornado's for the first-of-the-year post again, or I might do shark attacks!!(I'm very interested in Giant Sharks right now, in case you didn't notice!!)

There is also a movie I NEED TO SEE!!! It's called "Night of the Twisters" It's a movie based on the book by: Ivy Ruckman. It is such a good book, I have read it 2 or 3 times, a must-read for Disaster lovers here!! I might do a review of it on here on Disaster Spot soon...... after I see it obviously!! Well, hope you had a good Disaster Spot new-years yesterday!!

Soon I will start making the years longer, so that way we don't catch-up to the not-on-Disaster-Spot year. The normal year. which right now is 2010, in case you forgot and thought it was actually 1998, because that was like 12 years ago, and, you don't want to be caught 12 years in the past, that would be kind of weird, so, DON'T DO THAT!!!!!!

Keep Reading, and Researching!!!!!


  1. You are too funny. Keep up the good work. Oh, and happy New Year. 1998 is going to be great!

  2. As I recall, there was a pretty interesting "disaster" in the northeast in January 1998. You should start with that one ;).

  3. Yes, 1998 is going to be great. There should be LOTS of Disasters waiting to join Disaster Spot's "Family of Disasters". :P What Disaster happened in January 1998??

  4. Seriously? You want me just to tell you? I think you should look it up, but for a hint, you might think about what normally happens to liquid precipitation when it meets the COLD air here in the northeast during the winter months. Anyway - we've talked about it before. Just put on your memory hat ;).

  5. But, but, but I don't like my Memory hat!!! And, and, and I lost it....... :D


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