Friday, July 2, 2010

Shark attacks of 1997

Hello! For those of you who have visited before, welcome back to Disaster Spot! For you newbies to Disaster Spot, welcome! Today I am posting about The shark attacks of 1997. The total Shark attacks of 1997 in the USA is 25, all of the encounters were..... Painful..... None deadly.
In Hawaii 3 different people were attacked.
1 in California. 1 on gulf of Mexico side of Florida. 1 in Texas. 17 on the Atlantic ocean side of Florida!! 2 of the Coast of South Carolina. There is a post on the Shark attack Survivors website, about 29-year-old Scott Yerby, he was attacked by a great-white shark of the coast of California. In 1997, obviously. In the post it says, by the time the Ambulance got Mr. Yerby to the hospital, he had lost almost half the blood in his body, and was close to dieing. For the whole story go to:
The S.A.S website.

Keep reading and Researching!


  1. It's interesting that most of the shark attacks in the US happen on the Atlantic coast. I wonder why that is. Are there more sharks in the Atlantic ocean than in the Pacific? Are the Atlantic sharks more aggressive than the Pacific sharks? Or does it have something to do with the temperature of the water or perhaps to do with the wave action? I also wonder if the attacks on one coast are more severe than on the other? That is, of the nineteen people attacked on the Atlantic coast, how many of those attacks resulted in serious injury versus the ones in Hawaii and California?

    Interesting. It would be interesting to see how many shark attacks were in Australia vs. the US, since Australia is in the Pacific Ocean.

  2. I will start researching "Shark Attacks in the US vs. Australia" soon. It will be my first post with the label "From the Readers of Disaster Spot". Researching right............................NOW!!!!!

  3. Oh yeah, There are (Apparently) more GIANT Sharks on the Atlantic coast. You know, like in Massachussett, and in Flordia.(I probably spelled both states wrong) :( I got some Research to do, right................... NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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