Monday, July 5, 2010

Red river flood of 1997

Hello! Welcome to(or back) Disaster Spot, where everything is a Disaster! Like the new blog title? :P The Disaster today is a Major flood that took place in April, and May in 1997. The Red River Flood of 1997. Let the Research begin.

The Red river flood was a major flood that happened in April-May of 1997, North Dakota, Minnesota area. The flood caused over $3.5 Billion. Throughout the Red river Valley was flooded. The affected cities(with not to much damage) were: Fargo, and Winnipeg. While the cities with the most damage were: Grand Forks, and East Grand Forks. Over 50,000 people were evacuated on April 18Th, the largest evacuation since the Civil War. The river was 54.35 ft. on April 21st. The first flood on this river in recorded history was in 1979, and the highest the river got was 49 ft. The river did not drop below 49 ft. before April 26. By May 30th the river recceded, and the flood was over. This flood was worse then the Worst flood in history before it, the flood of 1826. It was a bad flood I guess!

Keep Reading and Researching!


  1. I was confused...I was thinking the Red River Valley in Texas. Good job researching.

  2. Weirdo :P Not all my posts are about Disasters in Texas!!! Oh, well, Reseaching right........... NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So, was this the worst flood in all "recorded history" every where in the world? Or just the worst flood in this area since 1826?

    The Spring of 1997 doesn't seem to be a very good one with regard to natural disasters. Seems like a lot of people had it pretty rough.

  4. I didn't have it rough!!! It was the worst flood on that river, in that area. That area is just a bad area! Like, that time-zone or something has it the worst, something like that. Researching right................ NOW!!!!!!!!!!


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