Sunday, August 12, 2012


I've lost 2 fish in as many months.  Tara, on of my platys, died a few days ago.  I have been really busy lately so I couldn't clean the tank out as much as I'd like, and with the crowding she got really sick.  Lexi is also sick, but tomorrow I'm going to do another major water change.  Other than that here's a quick update.

Kathrine still has not given birth as far as I've seen, but she must have at least once since I got her, meaning they've been eating all of the babies... Lexi's been too sick I think, even with daily, or every other day water changes her condition only gets a little better then worse that night, I'm going to leave her in the quarantine tank when I get the big tank until she's better.  Elena, Rosie, and Scarlet are all about the same size now, and Elena doesn't seem to be growing anymore.  Tara is still small, but she's bigger than when I got her! I added Elijah back in with the girls so maybe he'll eat, he's already much more active, chasing them around.  He is afraid of Zip though, and every time he chases Lexi Zip swims over and scares him away! Zip's tail is growing back!! Yay! Muddy loves his cave, and I now have some algae growing on a seashell in the tank that he's been eating.  Stefan, and Damon are happy guppies, and at some point I will have four or more females to go with them! 

Still don't have the 55 Gallon tank, but I have tons of rocks for it, and sand.  I just need the plants, and I was recently given a gift card to my local pet store so those will be taken care of soon enough :)

That's it for today's update!