Monday, January 31, 2011

JAWS, and what it did to me :P And some other movies...

On Netflix I was reading the rating for the movie JAWS.  All, but one, of the ratings were 5-stars.  When I told my Mom I got the response: "Are you serious?  That movie sucked!" To which I said, "I love that movie! It's a great movie! It started my horror-creature feature-shark-fish(actually King started my fish phase...)-man-eating animal movie phase!!" And now, because of the movie JAWS, I want to be a Marine Biologist, and my two favorite movies are Zombieland, and Black Water.  Black Water is about a man-eating crocodile, and is based on true events!!! Zombieland is about Columbus, and Tallahassee(<3), and zombies(amazing, huh?)!  Anyway, if it weren't for JAWS I never would've found: Black Water, Croc, Blue Demon, Piranha, Shark Attack, Shark Attack in the Mediterranean, Man-eater(haven't watched... Yet), Razor tooth(That movie scared me soo bad! Though the special effects were worse than JAWS :), or any other AMAZING creature feature movie! (My favorite genre, by the way.)  It actually wasn't JAWS' fault I like Zombieland.  The blame for Zland can be given to my Dad for renting "28 Weeks Later" which was a pretty good movie.  Though it's "other half" "28 Days Later" was awful.  Both were about Zombies, in case you didn't get that.  Of coarse, I found some other Zombie movies that look good, but the day I went to watch one it wasn't a play it now on Netflix, which made me :(.  Then I was going to watch the Resident Evil movies, and those aren't play-it-nows anymore either.  :(  THEN I decided to watch Anaconda (I already love snakes ;P), and guess what.  The first one isn't a play-it-now..... Netflix lost a fan.  Actually, not really, because River Monsters Season 2 is up now! Netflix made me mad... OK, I'll stop complaining about Netflix's play-it-now choices.  Speaking of netflix..... I haven't finish River Monsters season two yet! :O
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

River Monsters

River Monsters is a TV show that is on Animals planet.  Now I don't have a TV, and I came across this FABULOUS TV show through the magic of Netflix.  It's a documentry show, as are most shows on animal planet.  About River Monsters!! A.K.A. Giant freshwater fish that eat, or just kill people! Sounds like a good show right?  Well it is! But it's not for the faint of heart, or the weak-stomached.  :3  If you really want to know, you can do a few things about your curiousity:
1. Ignore it, it's gotten you in some pretty odd situations before.  (I know the feeling!) o.o
2. Look up the following fish:
Alligator Gar
Wels Catfish
Piraiba Catifsh
Candiru Catfish
Candiru Asu Catfish (Those catfish dude, they're awful!)
Bull Shark
Giant Freshwater Stingray

I highly recomend the last two.  Pfft, completely ignore the first one even!! Unless you hate the sight of blood, and bones... Then trust your better judgement.  XD  Though the second option would be O.K., too! My new dream aquarium includes:
Redbellied Piranhas (Piranhas)
Needlenose Gar (looks like alligator gar on smaller scale)
Cory Cats (look a bit like wels catfish!)
Redfinned shark (Look a tiny, tiny bit like Arapaimas)
Banded Bamboo Shark (Piraiba Catfish)
>insert fish that looks like bull shark here<(<--- Skilled tagging :3)
Giant Freshwater Stingray (Blue-spotted Stingray is the look alike!)

I love fish! <3 ............ <33 .............. <333333333333333333333333333 <---- FISH.  Okay I'm done posting now! XP
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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Have a Creepy New Year everybody!! :D  Haha, this is a "Year Change" right?  I thought I should add that label.  :)  It's 2011 now! Well, that's it........... Creepy New Year!! :P