Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Year change! 1998-1999

I figured, seeing as we've been in 1998 for a looooong time, we should switch! To 1999.  No not a giant step, but hey, it's progress, and progress is good.  Somewhat.... I guess.  I dunno, all I know is that there's a another year full of Disasters coming to Disaster Spot, are you ready?

(That sounds like some kind of comercial, I know..)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Great Ice Storm of 1998 *

Between January fifth, and tenth 1998, for more than 80 hours, was a steady freezing rain fell over an area thousands of square miles around Eastern Ontario.  Ottawa, Kingston, Quebec, Northern New York, and Northern New England all got hit.  A little farther south had severe flooding, and heavy rains.  And farther east had heavy snow falls. 
Lots of power lines were broken, and over 1,000 pylons collapsed due to ice.  More than 4,000,000 people were without power.  About 700,000 of Maine's residents-out of about 1.2 million-lost power.  Powerloss meant many farmers could not get water to their animals.  And the heavy ice made barn roofs collapse.  Many farm animals were killed.
Bridges and Tunnel were shut down.  Parts of "Old Montreal" were shut down because sheets of ice were falling off of buildings.
Millions of trees were brought down.  The Maple syrup industry suffered badly.  And Quebec has the largest Maple Syrup industry in the world! (Is that why Canada has a maple leaf on their flag?!)
The cost of the damage was 5-7 billion dollars.  Only 35 people died, and 28 of those were in Canada.  945 other people got injured. 
This is where I got most of my information!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am doing a project on Snakehead fish for a fair, and I wanted to know how you like it so far :)

Snakeheads are big fish, with even bigger reputations. They are “Known” to kill people. The biggest species grows to about 4 feet in length, and 40 or more pounds. They are said to be able to walk on land, and breathe air for up to three days! A true nightmare fish. “Frankenfish” is another name for them. Here are the facts to counter those few legends I mentioned here!

Only the biggest species of Snakehead reach 4 feet, all other species are under 3 feet! They do not kill humans, though in some places in the world they will attack humans that go near their nest. They can “walk” about as well as a snake, but only on wet muddy patches of land, they cannot move across dry land. They can breathe air. Snakeheads have lungs, and gills. Several fish have both lungs (or a breathing organ called the “Labyrinth”), and gills, example: Betta Fish! This organ simply allows the fish to be able to live in low oxygen conditions. And no matter what you read, they cannot live out of water for three days! They are still fish, and all fish need water to survive.

I also have a presentation board, with lots of pictures.  Thia is only one of my papers that are going to the board!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Disaster Spot

I'm thinking about getting rid of Creepy Corner, and bringing back Disaster Spot.  I had a lot of fun working on Disaster Spot, and then when I changed it I stopped thinking of things to write about.  So, let's welcome back Disaster Spot with this post(:

Seeing as Japan just got hit by some pretty major stuff, let's go back a few years to another Earthquake-Tsunani mix.  In 1998 (which is the year of Disasters we are in.), on July 17th, around 6:49 (their local time!) an Earthquake hit, at the boundery of the Pacific and Austrailian tetonic plates.  The Earthquake was thought to have made 25 mile long crack, but turned out to have triggered a Tsunami, which triggered an underwater landslide! Results, were around 2,200 dead, thousands (can't find number) injured, 9,500 homeless, and about 500 missing! The worst hit village was called Arop, it was directly in the path of the Tsunami (not a great place to be, in case you didn't know.) Here is where I found most of the information. (This is a link if it doesn't show up!)

Anyway, I hope you are as excited as I am that I'm bring Disaster Spot back!



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Short Storys.

Funny/odd/almost-creepy story from competition.  Meep did a Solo to the song "Mad World".  There were two other Mad worlds at the competition.  The other two were groups.  But, really people?!  Apparently it really is a mad world! XP

By the way........ Have I mentioned my AMAZING idea for a Halloween costume (I know, right on subject :P)?  VICTIM OF A FATAL SHARK ATTACK! It's going to be amazing.  I will post pictures.  I'll get a black wet suit (maybe? O.O), and put fake skin, and red syrup kind of stuff on my legs and arms so it looks like I've been chewed to bits! :D  Then I'll mess up my hair, and draw scratches on my face.  Maybe I'll have a fake hand, and I'll just drop it in somebodies candy bowl!! XD It'll be awesome, if I can do it. :)  I will also put white powered on my face, and in my hair, so I'll look like a ghost! I don't care if it's March, and I already know what I'm going to be for Halloween. -.-  I started looking for a costume on LAST Halloween! It's my favorite holiday.... I like Halloween better than Christmas, or Easter! Also, you don't get as much candy on any other holiday! As if I needed another reason for Halloween to be my favorite holiday!

Anyway... >_>