Friday, July 2, 2010

US vs. Austalia Shark attacks of 1997

Hello! Welcome back to Disaster Spot. And for those of who are new, Welcome!! This is the first, "From the Readers of Disaster Spot" post, and I'm very excited! So the Disastrous request ;) for a post was: How many shark attacks were in Austalia vs. the US. And to keep to the Focus Year, I decided to see how many people were attacked in Austalia in 1997 vs. how any people were attacked in the US, here we go!

Every year worldwide there are about 70-100 shark attacks. And 5-15 deaths caused by sharks each year. In 1997 we know that there were 25 shark attacks just of the coast of the 50 states. In Australia in 1997, there were 8 Shark attacks. Much fewer then in the US, but then again, the US is also bigger then Australia. I hope some people think this was a good question, and will do a little extra research on it.

Keep Reading and Researching!!


  1. Hey, Warrior Cat,

    Yes, it is true that the US is bigger than Australia, but much of the US is landlocked, whereas Australia is just, basically, a big island.

    According to WikiAnswers, Australia's "coastline" is 59736 km and the coastline for the US is 19924 km. So, Autralians have more beach, and therefore, more opportunities to be attacked by sharks.

    It makes me wonder, still, why the sharks in the Atlantic Ocean are more aggressive than the sharks in the Pacific Ocean.

    Great topic! One that makes you go "Hmmm ...."

  2. So you did research it!!! Yay!! I'm glad my topic got some good questions, and some other people to research them!! ;) Next a post about Snake attacks!! Researching right.............. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh and maybe the people in Austrailia aren't stupid when it comes to sharks....... <_< Or since we have soooooooo many people from different countrys come to the US, so theres more varity :D OR, as was said two comments up maybe the sharks in the Atlantic are more agressive. POSSIBLE, bexause it's colder, so they need to eat more to keep a good layer of fat, and they also may need to move around more, again because I believe it is colder in the Atlantic, than in the Pacific. I dunno, can anybody else see me as a scientist, or is that just me?? :P


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