Thursday, July 1, 2010

The tornados of May, 27th 1997

There was only one official F-5 Tornado in 1997 at all. On May, 27th, 1997 there were 20 Tornados in central Texas, F-0=6, F-1=6, F-2=3, F-3=3, F-4=1, F-5=1. 3 Tornados hit in the Jarrell area of Texas that day. The first that hit, an F-2, thats was south-west of Jarrell, had a path length about 2 miles long. The second that hit the Jarrell area was the next Tornado that day! This F-2 tornado was west of Jarrell, with a path length of .5 miles long. Then an F-1 tornado hit just south of Dawson, Texas, before the F-5. The F-5 tonado hit the Jarrell area, as a small tornado, nobody thought it would get very bad, then the storm quickly becamme an F-5, the storm was 3/4 of a mile wide. The tornado pulled grass and dirt out of the ground, to a depth of 18 in. That tornado caused 27 deaths, the first deaths of the day, but not the last. Later on the F-3 tornado hit, causing 1 death, in the Cedar park area. A man who was not counted, died of Cardiac Arrest, while waiting out the tornado in his pick-up truck. His death wasn't counted in the total deaths that day. Later on the F-4 tornado hit, causing 1 death, in the Lake Travis area. So the total deaths caused 20 tornados on May, 27 1997, was 29 deaths.

Hope you, well.... enjoyed probably isn't the best word to use...... learned something........ Yep, thats a good word to use....... About the F-5 tornado in Jarrell, Texas on May, 27 1997.

Next look foward to, "The Shark attacks of 1997" And "The giant Snakes of 1997". Keep reading, and researching!!

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