Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jaws 1975

FREAKY!!!!! Hello readers of Disaster Spot!! I'm just doing a short post right now, because I am watching the movie Jaws. I believe this movie is Rated PG, I don't think that's the greatest rating ever...... not for this movie, but fans a Disaster will love it!! But, be warned before you watch it..... In this movie, there is a LOT of blood, and other stuff, i'm not going to mention on my blog, it's very...... Ick...... That's(Sadly) the best word I have for this movie, anyway......

Keep Reading, and Researching!(And watching scary disaster movies :)


  1. Comfirmed, it's rated G....... Haha just kidding!!! Great movie, I loved it. It is rated PG, not G, I think it should at least be PG-13, but there are only three REALLY BAD parts in the 2 hour 4 minute and 11 second movie so............. Oh and someone dies 2 minutes into the actual movie, not the credits in the beginning, so technically, 4 minutes into the movie, not very detailed death, they get worse and worse as the movie goes on. Researching right........................ NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So, how does the movie compare to the reality of shark attacks? I believe that you previously posted that for the most part, shark attacks are not fatal. Is this simply a case of Hollywood dramatization for effect and the ability to sell the movie?

  3. Jaws was a book first. I think if there were more 25-30 ft. sharks around, that there might be more fatel attacks, and not many people would be swimming in the ocean..... Researching right.................. NOW!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh yeah by the way, everyone I chagned my profile picture and my name, so, it might be confusing!!!!


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