Thursday, December 23, 2010

Monstah movies

I've been watching a bunch of Water related Monster movies lately.  Such as:
  • Mega Piranha, and
  • Blue Demon
Mega Piranha's plot wasn't bad, but the special effects were pretty awful.  I remember JAWS' shark looking realer (more real >_>) than the Piranhas in Mega Piranha! Blue demon was a very good movie, but the sharks looked worse than JAWS.........  Both had good fast moving plots, and were almost the exact same length.  Out of the two I recomend Blue Demon.  But if you want a really good movie or TV show to watch I have to recomend River Monsters.  It's a TV documentary show.  It's very interesting and fun to watch!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Arnold Paole.

Hey everybody! Has anyone ever heard of Arnold Paole?  If not, he's one of the few Vampire ever recorded with real evidence! Arnold Paole was supposedly bitten by a vampire while serving in his country's army.  When he left service he bought some land in his home town.  He got married to the daughter of the man who's property boarded his own.  Paole had fears of an early death, and not long after his marriage Paole died.  He died when he fell of a hay wagon, and broke his neck. 

This is where I stop giving you information.  I am now going to encourage you to do your own research! Have fun :)
~~~~KAT =^-,-^=

Monday, November 1, 2010

Creepy Corner

Hi everyone!! I decided to re-name the blog "Creepy Corner" instead of "Disaster spot".  Because it's been a long time since I post about Natural disasters, but I have posted a few things about horror movies, vampires, and zombies.  I've also added an author.  My friend Meep (Maria Luna is kreature world, and The powers) is going to write for this blog now too! She watches a lot more scary movies then I do, but (no offence Meep) I probably know more about storms than she does. >_>  I sertainly have more nightmares about them then she! Anyway, we just recently watched the irish zombie movie, Boy Eats Girl.  Pretty good! ABSOLUTELY DISCUSTING.  If you really want to know (you probably don't but....) look up "Boy eats girl tractor scene" on youtube, I really don't know if it'll work, but it's worth a shot, if you really want to know. ;)

That's it!

Keep reading,
and watching ;)

Friday, October 1, 2010

OH-NO THE TERROR! THE TERROR! Oh, nevermind it's just a Vampire.

Did anybody hear about the new movie, "Let Me In"?  IT SOUNDS AMAZING!!! :D Saw the trailer, looks good.  It's about a 12-year-old boy, that meets a vampire girl.  And they're friends, but after she moves in, weird stuff starts to happen.  A lot of deaths start happening, and you know, vampire stuff.  Then after a while, he finds out she's a vampire.  OK, my description makes it sound REALLY boring!!! o.O Well, then you'll just have to watch the trailer!!! Let Me In, is a re-make of the Swedish film "Let the Right One in", which I really want to see anyway.  And, just to let you know, this movie is not a Disaster.  I just needed to post on this blog.  It was feeling neglected.......  Anyway, that's it!!!
And *drum roll starts*

Sunday, September 12, 2010

1998 Tornado outbreak

Hello Readers of Disaster Spot!! Another year, and another Tornado outbreak!!! Oh yeah, does anybody like meh Fishehs??? :P

The Tornado outbreak of 1998, happen in Tennesse, Kentucky, Illinous, and Arkansas. The Tornado outbreak lasted TWO WHOLE DAYS!!!!!! This was a, big Tornado outbreak, lots more Tornados then the one in 1997. 61 Tornados were reported in that two day period. 25 F0, 15 F1, 12 F2, 7 F3, 1 F4, and 1 F5. If someone tells you, that F5 Tornados don't happen often, theynprobably have no clue what they're talking about, so far on Disaster Spot, there has been 1 F5 Tornado every Disaster year, and we're only in the second Disaster year! 12 People were killed in this outbreak, 2 in Arkansas in one county, 3 in Kentucky in 2 countys, and 7 in Tennesse in 4 Countys. More will have to come on this later! Sorry!!





The three Ruh words ;)


THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING!!!! Oh, wow. That sounds to much like, "THE END IS NEAR!!!!" So, never mind! Well, my current favorite movie is "Zombieland" an amazing (:D) movie that came out in 2009. I know! "We're still in 1998!" Oh well. So the rules to surviving "Zombieland" are:

  1. CARDIO (The first ones to go in Zombieland are fat people... just sayin')

  2. Double-tap (Don't save your bullets, if most people are Zombies it won't be hard to find more)

  3. Beware of Bathrooms (Awesome rule, I mean "Beware of Bathrooms! Woooooow.... ;)

  4. Seat belts (It may seem like "THERE ARE ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE AND YOU WANT ME TO WEAR A SEAT BELT?!" But you haven't seen the movie, have you?)

17. DON'T BE A HERO (I know it skips. (In the end this rule is changed to "Be a Hero"))

18. Limber-up (Goes with Cardio, but is a bit higher up :)

31. Check the backseat (Can you guess why o.O)

32. Enjoy the little things (TALLAHASSEE SAID IT FIRST!!!!!! :D)


So those are the rule to surviving ZOMBIELAND, but what about other Zombie books, and Movies, what do they do in those?! Well, I'm starting a new book (i know, ANOTHER ONE?!) called "When the Zombies Come". It's basically a survival guide to a world with zombies. The rules:

  1. Stay in Shape, if you're out of shape, and can't run... You'll end up a zombie. (same as in Zombieland with different words)

  2. If you can't kill your best friend if and when they become a zombie stay faaaaaaaaar away from them!! (Good rule? Huh? Huh? What d'ya think?!)

  3. Live somewhere up high where the zombies can't get to you! (I would choose a tree-house, 'cause I like trees, and houses......)

  4. If you do live somewhere up high then you'll need long range weapons. (Guns, Bows, Slingshots, you get the idea ;)

Also you'll need stuff like:

  1. Baseball bats. If everyone is a zombie ('cept you) a baseball bat is not only useful, but free! :D

  2. A Crowbar. another good weapon, also used to break into buildings for Supplies, and housing.

  3. Flashlights. veeeeeeeeery useful, but also makes you easier to hit in a fight with zombies. Weapon and not! :)

  4. Know-how! When zombies are running around loose you might need to "Borrow" a car.

  5. This book! This book contains everything you need to know about surviving zombies! And if it's missing something, don't come looking for the author.......... Because if it's missing something the author is a zombie by now. :o (poor me......)

In 28 Days Later....... Wait, I'm not repeating anything that they did in that movie. It was horrible. Zombieland was 10 or 20 or 250 times better. The Zombies were more convincing. In 28 Days Later the zombies GAVE UP when chasing a car, AND they spat to much blood...... Oh and Tallahassee wasn't in 28 Days Later. 28 Weeks Later was better. More convincing, but in the "Zombie" movie genre, as far as I've seen, Zombieland still takes the cake. (An expression I learned in A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book the Second. The Reptile Room. It has a veeeery long title....) Well, I guess that's it! Oh yeah! And I exercised my talent of hurting myself recently! I dropped a fan on my TOE. And it HURTS. WAIT, sorry I got the story wrong......... "One night, KAT, was taking a fan out of her WINDOW, and the fan, suicidal this fan was, LEAPED from her hands, and STOMPED on her toe! A very painful experience for both the fan, and KAT." It may seem a little Far Fetched, but that's EXACTLY what happened. If you don't believe ME, ask the fan! Or my fish, I think King Jonathan V of Tortall was watching, I'll have to ask him later. Well, now I'm done, Keep Reading, Researching, and Watching Zombie movies. (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ZOMBIELAND, ALTHOUGHT THERE'S LOTS OF SWEARING IN THAT MOVIE. AND ONE OF THE CHARACTERS KILLS BILL MURRAY!!!! :O)

Monday, August 2, 2010


Hey Everyone!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I been busy.... ya know, reading........ Twilight books >.> Anyways.... I got new kitties!!!! four of them, scroll down to the bottom to see them!! you'll probably laugh when you see them =D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cryptozoology/Tornado perview!!!

Hello Readers of Disaster Spot!!!!! Wow, it took me three tries to type "Spot". Well, Cryptids aren't really Disasters but they are cool, so I'm doing a post about them, so there. :P I think I shall do a post about, THE JERSEY DEVIL, muahahahahahahahaha!!!!! But first! I must finish "1998 Tornado outbreak". Here's a few small facts about that tornado outbreak:

This Tornado outbreak lasted two days, with more then 61 Tornadoes in that time period. 12 people died, In the four states that got hit. The states were: Tennessee, Illinois, Arkansas, and Kentucky!

Keep Reading and Researching!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

New years 1997-1998

Sorry readers!!! Year-Change was supposed to happen on the 11Th, yesterday, but oh well. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! IT'S 1998!! And everyone here at Disaster spot can look forward to another year of Disasters!! Well, I might do tornado's for the first-of-the-year post again, or I might do shark attacks!!(I'm very interested in Giant Sharks right now, in case you didn't notice!!)

There is also a movie I NEED TO SEE!!! It's called "Night of the Twisters" It's a movie based on the book by: Ivy Ruckman. It is such a good book, I have read it 2 or 3 times, a must-read for Disaster lovers here!! I might do a review of it on here on Disaster Spot soon...... after I see it obviously!! Well, hope you had a good Disaster Spot new-years yesterday!!

Soon I will start making the years longer, so that way we don't catch-up to the not-on-Disaster-Spot year. The normal year. which right now is 2010, in case you forgot and thought it was actually 1998, because that was like 12 years ago, and, you don't want to be caught 12 years in the past, that would be kind of weird, so, DON'T DO THAT!!!!!!

Keep Reading, and Researching!!!!!

Meg 1995

Hello readers of Disaster Spot!!!! For those of you who did not read the comments on my last post, I changed my profile picture, and my display name. I apparently, have started doing book and movie reviews on my blog!! Only Disaster themed though!!

I am reading a book, or I should says was, it is a kind of difficult book, so I took a break from it, but that was a few years a go, I don't think I was ready for it then, but anyway.

It's called "Meg: A novel of Deep Terror" By: Steve Alten. Very close in subject to "Jaws". In Meg, there is a Giant Carcharodon Megalodon, also called "Meg". In the AMAZINGLY AWESOME prologue a T.Rex gets caught in the water and is eaten by the "Meg". In this book a "Navy deep-sea submersible pilot" Named Jonas Taylor, goes on a top-secret mission to the "Mariana trench". The Megalodon in the book is a 70ft. 60,000 lb. Great-white-Shark. This species of shark is supposed to have died off with the dinosaurs, in the book, there are still some living. And the most interesting part of this book, is that it Could contain some truth, Carcharodon Megalodon could still be living today, in the deepest parts of the ocean. Like the Mariana Trench, the deepest trench in the entire ocean. Oceanographers, Scientists, Palaeontologists, and other shark, and prehistoric experts, believe that the Carcharodon Megalodon may still be alive today, in the deepest parts of the ocean, and most ocean trenches a round the world. The most asked question is: How has a Shark that big hidden itself for millions of years, without any humans noticing?? The best answer seems to be, no humans have gone any where near the bottom of the trench. Some scientist believe, that the Meg(s) have hidden closer to the bottoms of these trenches, so no humans have ever seen them. Megalodons eat whales and dolphins, Megalodons could go out of their trenches for a few minutes to catch a meal, then take their meal home. Or whales and dolphins might end up in the trenches somehow. Well, from what I have read in the beginning..... It sounds like a good book.

Well, Keep Reading and Researching!!!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jaws 1975

FREAKY!!!!! Hello readers of Disaster Spot!! I'm just doing a short post right now, because I am watching the movie Jaws. I believe this movie is Rated PG, I don't think that's the greatest rating ever...... not for this movie, but fans a Disaster will love it!! But, be warned before you watch it..... In this movie, there is a LOT of blood, and other stuff, i'm not going to mention on my blog, it's very...... Ick...... That's(Sadly) the best word I have for this movie, anyway......

Keep Reading, and Researching!(And watching scary disaster movies :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Red river flood of 1997

Hello! Welcome to(or back) Disaster Spot, where everything is a Disaster! Like the new blog title? :P The Disaster today is a Major flood that took place in April, and May in 1997. The Red River Flood of 1997. Let the Research begin.

The Red river flood was a major flood that happened in April-May of 1997, North Dakota, Minnesota area. The flood caused over $3.5 Billion. Throughout the Red river Valley was flooded. The affected cities(with not to much damage) were: Fargo, and Winnipeg. While the cities with the most damage were: Grand Forks, and East Grand Forks. Over 50,000 people were evacuated on April 18Th, the largest evacuation since the Civil War. The river was 54.35 ft. on April 21st. The first flood on this river in recorded history was in 1979, and the highest the river got was 49 ft. The river did not drop below 49 ft. before April 26. By May 30th the river recceded, and the flood was over. This flood was worse then the Worst flood in history before it, the flood of 1826. It was a bad flood I guess!

Keep Reading and Researching!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!!!

Hello! Welcome back(for you who have read Disaster Spot before), and Welcome newbies!! :P Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was busy all day. So since today is the 4Th of July, I decided to do a 4Th of July themed Disaster!!!

On Thursday July 4Th, in 1997, fireworks were being launched off of a barge, on the Mississippi river, a display that thousands of people had come to see. The explosion happened at 9:36 during the display. All the people there, witnessed the explosion. Of 10 people on the boat, 7 were save, 3 were lost. The coast guard closed the parts of Mississippi and Illinois, near Alton, Illinois, to search for the missing people. One man was later found dead on the deck of the barge. The police, firefighters, and other rescue workers from Mississippi, and Illinois continued to search for the 2 missing crews members. The other 2 were found soon after, near where the barge had blown up, they had seemingly drowned after the explosion threw them into the water. There were also other "Fireworks Injuries" in other places in the US, that same night I believe. In Falmouth, Massachusetts. In Portland, Maine. In Greenbay, Wisconsin. And in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Here's where you can find out more!

Keep Reading and Researching, and have a happy, and safe, 4Th of July!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

US vs. Austalia Shark attacks of 1997

Hello! Welcome back to Disaster Spot. And for those of who are new, Welcome!! This is the first, "From the Readers of Disaster Spot" post, and I'm very excited! So the Disastrous request ;) for a post was: How many shark attacks were in Austalia vs. the US. And to keep to the Focus Year, I decided to see how many people were attacked in Austalia in 1997 vs. how any people were attacked in the US, here we go!

Every year worldwide there are about 70-100 shark attacks. And 5-15 deaths caused by sharks each year. In 1997 we know that there were 25 shark attacks just of the coast of the 50 states. In Australia in 1997, there were 8 Shark attacks. Much fewer then in the US, but then again, the US is also bigger then Australia. I hope some people think this was a good question, and will do a little extra research on it.

Keep Reading and Researching!!

Shark attacks of 1997

Hello! For those of you who have visited before, welcome back to Disaster Spot! For you newbies to Disaster Spot, welcome! Today I am posting about The shark attacks of 1997. The total Shark attacks of 1997 in the USA is 25, all of the encounters were..... Painful..... None deadly.
In Hawaii 3 different people were attacked.
1 in California. 1 on gulf of Mexico side of Florida. 1 in Texas. 17 on the Atlantic ocean side of Florida!! 2 of the Coast of South Carolina. There is a post on the Shark attack Survivors website, about 29-year-old Scott Yerby, he was attacked by a great-white shark of the coast of California. In 1997, obviously. In the post it says, by the time the Ambulance got Mr. Yerby to the hospital, he had lost almost half the blood in his body, and was close to dieing. For the whole story go to:
The S.A.S website.

Keep reading and Researching!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


The "Focus year" will change every two weeks, instead of every ten days.

The tornados of May, 27th 1997

There was only one official F-5 Tornado in 1997 at all. On May, 27th, 1997 there were 20 Tornados in central Texas, F-0=6, F-1=6, F-2=3, F-3=3, F-4=1, F-5=1. 3 Tornados hit in the Jarrell area of Texas that day. The first that hit, an F-2, thats was south-west of Jarrell, had a path length about 2 miles long. The second that hit the Jarrell area was the next Tornado that day! This F-2 tornado was west of Jarrell, with a path length of .5 miles long. Then an F-1 tornado hit just south of Dawson, Texas, before the F-5. The F-5 tonado hit the Jarrell area, as a small tornado, nobody thought it would get very bad, then the storm quickly becamme an F-5, the storm was 3/4 of a mile wide. The tornado pulled grass and dirt out of the ground, to a depth of 18 in. That tornado caused 27 deaths, the first deaths of the day, but not the last. Later on the F-3 tornado hit, causing 1 death, in the Cedar park area. A man who was not counted, died of Cardiac Arrest, while waiting out the tornado in his pick-up truck. His death wasn't counted in the total deaths that day. Later on the F-4 tornado hit, causing 1 death, in the Lake Travis area. So the total deaths caused 20 tornados on May, 27 1997, was 29 deaths.

Hope you, well.... enjoyed probably isn't the best word to use...... learned something........ Yep, thats a good word to use....... About the F-5 tornado in Jarrell, Texas on May, 27 1997.

Next look foward to, "The Shark attacks of 1997" And "The giant Snakes of 1997". Keep reading, and researching!!


Welcome to Disaster Spot!! I hope you're interested in Disasters, because, that's what you're going to find here at Disaster Spot!! If you have a Disaster you would like me to post about, please comment about it:

  1. When did it happen?
  2. Where did it happen?
  3. What kind of Disaster was it?

If you tell me those few things, I will be able to research the disaster, then post it for everyone to see! Well, keep reading, because, soon a post about an f-5 tornado in Texas, in 1997!! I will also find a list of how many 100ft. or longer anacondas were sighted, in 1997. For the next ten days the year 1997 is the focus, so keep checking!!