Friday, December 17, 2010

Arnold Paole.

Hey everybody! Has anyone ever heard of Arnold Paole?  If not, he's one of the few Vampire ever recorded with real evidence! Arnold Paole was supposedly bitten by a vampire while serving in his country's army.  When he left service he bought some land in his home town.  He got married to the daughter of the man who's property boarded his own.  Paole had fears of an early death, and not long after his marriage Paole died.  He died when he fell of a hay wagon, and broke his neck. 

This is where I stop giving you information.  I am now going to encourage you to do your own research! Have fun :)
~~~~KAT =^-,-^=

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Quick facts:
Bettas need at LEAST 3.5 Gallons of water, a filter, a heater, lights, and a thermometer!
Fish are not as easy to keep as most people think.
Guppies are also called "Millions Fish" because they have so many babies!
Bettas, and some other fish have an organ called the "Labyrinth" which allows them to breathe air.

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