Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Somebody asked me what I want to be when I grow up.  Obviously I said "I want to be a Zoologist, or Marine Biologist.  My favorite animal is sharks."

   Then I explained the family sharks are in (Elasmobrach, a family of "cartilige fish" fish without actual bones, their skeletons are made out of cartilige instead of bones.  The only bones in their bodies are their teeth!), and the family that Whales, and Dolphins are in (Cetacean, a family of aquatic mammals.), these are the animals I want to study.
   Thayet, is doing well, she will swim up to your finger, and nudge it, or bite it if you stick in her tank.  She also swam onto my hand a few times.  I do not think that she is ready to breed, but then again I'm ready to breed them!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Shark Project Part 2: The Shoebox Reef

Part two is here!! I also put up a POLL for anybody interested, vote for the new URL! :)

 This is a reef I'm making out of cardboard.  I'll be making more "Reef Squares" to add, but for now I only have one!

This is the top of my shoebox.  It's going to be in my "shark museum" during my presentation!

This is the inside.  As you can see, my cardboard reefs are not in place, the shoebox isn't completely blue yet, and there is only one shark.  (It's a Blacktip Reef Shark in case you're wondering.) 

I have made more progress on making the inside of the shoebox blue.  Now instead of painting it I've been going at it with a blue marker.  :) 

Part 3 is going to be coming soon, that'll be "Info Sheets".  But I may do a post on another "project", on my smaller "sharks" King Jonathan, and Queen Thayet Bubbles.  :D  My Bettas.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Project - Part one: Clay

I'm afraid I was much too busy to post anything yesterday.  And for those who are readers, but not followers, I am going to be changing to URL.  I think it's going to become juniorelasmo.blogspot.com, juniorzoologist.blogspot, or the thesharkkid.blogspot.  Why don't I put up a poll?  Comment with any other ideas!

This is the beginning of my project.
This is a small model shark, one I did just for fun, and not the better one.

This is my "sparkle shark"! My better model, with all it's fins, and such correctly placed, and spaced apart from each other.

This is the BEGINNING of my project! Later I'll will post "Project - Part two: The Shoebox".  :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Now presenting: The SHARK ZONE!

I have decided to change Disaster Spot, again.  Yes, AGAIN.  Natural Disasters used to be my favorite thing in the world! (Well not quite, but I did spent a little too much time studying them.  Now I like sharks better than disasters.  I mean I've always, always, ALWAYS loved sharks, I just loved disasters more at that time, and when I made this blog!

Well now my thing is sharks.  BIG sharks.  Little sharks.  Any size, any type, any color, any pattern, any level of aggression, and any prehistoric shark. 

And other fish.  But mostly sharks.  This blog is now going to be "The Shark Zone", but I'm also going to information about other fish.  Such as: I got a female Betta as a birthday present this year, I got a male last year.  So at some point in time I am going to breed them, when?  I don't know.  But I'll post pictures, and videos, and updates, and all that good stuff :p

Tomorrow I will post the beginnings of a shark project I'm working on.  When I'm finished it's gonna be HUGE.  I am going to be giving a presentation on Shark for my family, and friend sometime at the start of the school year! (I know it sounds kind of backwards...)