Monday, July 18, 2011

Shark Project Part 2: The Shoebox Reef

Part two is here!! I also put up a POLL for anybody interested, vote for the new URL! :)

 This is a reef I'm making out of cardboard.  I'll be making more "Reef Squares" to add, but for now I only have one!

This is the top of my shoebox.  It's going to be in my "shark museum" during my presentation!

This is the inside.  As you can see, my cardboard reefs are not in place, the shoebox isn't completely blue yet, and there is only one shark.  (It's a Blacktip Reef Shark in case you're wondering.) 

I have made more progress on making the inside of the shoebox blue.  Now instead of painting it I've been going at it with a blue marker.  :) 

Part 3 is going to be coming soon, that'll be "Info Sheets".  But I may do a post on another "project", on my smaller "sharks" King Jonathan, and Queen Thayet Bubbles.  :D  My Bettas.

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