Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Short Storys.

Funny/odd/almost-creepy story from competition.  Meep did a Solo to the song "Mad World".  There were two other Mad worlds at the competition.  The other two were groups.  But, really people?!  Apparently it really is a mad world! XP

By the way........ Have I mentioned my AMAZING idea for a Halloween costume (I know, right on subject :P)?  VICTIM OF A FATAL SHARK ATTACK! It's going to be amazing.  I will post pictures.  I'll get a black wet suit (maybe? O.O), and put fake skin, and red syrup kind of stuff on my legs and arms so it looks like I've been chewed to bits! :D  Then I'll mess up my hair, and draw scratches on my face.  Maybe I'll have a fake hand, and I'll just drop it in somebodies candy bowl!! XD It'll be awesome, if I can do it. :)  I will also put white powered on my face, and in my hair, so I'll look like a ghost! I don't care if it's March, and I already know what I'm going to be for Halloween. -.-  I started looking for a costume on LAST Halloween! It's my favorite holiday.... I like Halloween better than Christmas, or Easter! Also, you don't get as much candy on any other holiday! As if I needed another reason for Halloween to be my favorite holiday!

Anyway... >_>


  1. This is an amazing costume idea. Be sure to send me a picture!

  2. I will!! My friend found some videos on youtube about making creepy makeup, like exposed teeth, and sent them to me! I'll probably use a few of those, it'll look really creepy!


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