Saturday, June 30, 2012


I found out that the Pleco I have is a type of Rubber lip, or Rubbernose Pleco.  The problem is there are a lot of different Rubber lip Plecos.  Then I found a post on the tropical fish forums that listed the most common Rubbernose Plecos, and I found this link! I believe that he is a Striped Rubbernose Pleco, which according to the Planet Catfish only get up to 4", and he is already about that big.  Muddy the Pleco shouldn't get much, if any, bigger than he already is! Which means I don't have a future 24" long Pleco that would outgrow any tank I'd be able to get, which is a relief :)

I also had to move the male Platy (named Elijah Weston) to the guppy tank because he was harassing my female who is going to give birth within the week according to the people on TFF! 

If any TFF members who have helped me are reading this thank you for all your help! I never would've found out what kind of Pleco Muddy is if it weren't for you people! You've helped me so much.  For anybody who has fish, but has never heard of this site I suggest you look around, and if you like it join! It's a great site, with a lot of really helpful fish keepers to answer any questions you might have.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Hey... You know my last post?  "Break time"?  That break lasted a week.

I just got 12 free fish.  8 Platys (Gold Twin-bar platys, one of my favorite colors!), 3 Guppies (Red "tuxedo" I think, also my favorite!), and 1 Pleco (unknown type).

This platy is going to give birth soon I think.  She's the biggest platy I have ever seen!

This is the Pleco, I'm not sure what kind of Pleco, so if you know please comment with the type!

Well those are all the pictures you get for now! I need to have something to keep you coming to my blog! ;)
Maybe the Guppies will sit still sometime so I can get a picture of them, like my very cooperative platys!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Break time...

Jack Mitchell Spazz Nightwing died 6-24-2012.  RIP Jack :(

He had internal, and external parasites, I didn't notice because of the lack of light in his tank, and because I guess I was a lot more shaken by Zoey's disappearance than I thought.

So now that I don't have any fish I'm going to take a short break from fish keeping.  The weirdest thing in the world right now is saying that I don't have any fish...

I got the new tank for Jack when I realized that he was sick, but I was too late.  I believe that the internal parasites may have (*do not read this next part if you are squeamish*) eaten his swim bladder, and other internal organs.  I know that his swim bladder is no longer there because when he died he did not turn upside-down, or float.

I will upgrade both tanks just like I planned, and get a water test kit before I get any new fish.  I changed my mind about the black blasting media I was going to use, it can be extremely harmful to the fish, so now I think I am going to be using either play sand, or pool filter sand.  I know someone who has offered me some free Java Fern (If you're reading this thank you!!), and the sand should be rather cheap.  I will be getting rocks to grow the fern on.  Once I upgrade, and get the test kit I will make a trip to the pet store for new Bettas, one male, and one female.  This is my current plan, though it will probably change once or twice.  I am also getting a 55 gallon tank at some point.

Post about the 6.6 gallon plan soon!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The sadest thing to ever happen to me fishwise

I am not going to be remodeling Zoey's tank anytime soon.

I've had fish die before, and it's always sad.  What happened to Zoey is the sadest, weirdest thing that's ever happened to my fish.  She disapeared. 

I've heard betta fish are jumpers, but I've never had a betta fish that jumped before.  There are two places where she could have jumped out of the tank, one is almost impossible, but it's also more likely.  One is in the back of the tank, and she'd have a hard time getting around the stuff on that shelf.  The other one is the little hole that is used for feeding, it's really small.  She was small enough that she could've fit through it, if you read my other blog "The Halfmoon Vampire", you'll know that I also have a dog, and a cat, either of which could've grab Z if she got to my floor.

The reason it's the sadest things that has ever happened to me fishwise is that I don't know what happened to her, there are a lot of possibilities.