Friday, December 28, 2012

My new Gupplings

Hello there!

I haven't updated in a few months, but I'm very excited to say that my 55 Gallon tank is up and running, and now has fish in it!

My fishless cycle took about a month and a half, but I wasn't able to add fish until three weeks later.  One morning Rosalie started looking really sick, just all of a sudden, and Elena's stomach had become a weird shape.  I knew I had to get them into a bigger tank soon, but I hadn't done the big water change to get rid of extra Nitrates in the tank yet! That day I changed 75% or more of the water in my 55 Gallon tank, and it took a very long time.  This is the tank before I finished changing the water, and adding fish.  (I also added some rocks and a Java Fern that day.)

And here's the tank today a week and two days after adding fish, rocks, and Java fern.  You can sort of see some of my Guppies, and Zip on the mostly empty side of the tank.  Speaking of Guppies.

Today a friend of mine who is overrun with Guppies brought me six females, and two males! The females (Name - tail color - body color)
Velvet - Black - Half black
Yuki - Black - Half black
Amberlyn - Yellow with black spots - Tanish
Ruka - Gold - Gold
Alice - Yellow - Yellow/Transparent
Pearl - Black spots - Currently grey/Transparent, but she's a baby still! She's small enough that Zip could eat her if he wanted to.

The males
(Same as females)
Finn - Black and orange (double tail) - Half black
Niklaus (Klaus for short) - Red/Orange and black - Half red/orange.

Then there are Stefan, and Damon, which are both red.

So those are my new Gupplings :)