Sunday, February 27, 2011

Movie, AND Book review!

Title: Frozen
Characters: Parker (A Girl), Dan (Parker's Boy friend), Joe (Dan's best friend).
Plot: Three friends want to ski, and snowboard down the mountain one more time before they leave.  They bribe the ski-lift operator, and then another operator takes over.  The other operator sees three people come down the mountain, and was told "Three more are going up, wait for them".  The operator shuts down, and leaves.  The mountain is not open again until the following Friday, and the friends are trapped.  Dan jumps off the lift, and breaks both legs.  Parker's hand freezes to the safety bar, and she rips it off, bleeding, and frost-bitten.  Joe climbs on a wire across to other chairs, until he comes to one with a ladder, and climbs down.  Only Parker survives.
Rating (like rated G kind of rating :P): R
Rating (as in how good it was...): **

I only rate it "two stars" because it was so boring I fell asleep.  And I DO NOT  fall alseep during movies.  I DO NOT.  The first time I stayed up really late watching a movie (that I remember) was Jarhead, or heads... I don't know, but I stayed up with my Mom watching that until past midnight, and my Dad fell asleep for that one!

Title: Killer Pizza
Main Characters: Toby, Annabel, "Strobe", Harvey, and Steve.
Plot: Toby finally finds a job at a pizza place, called "Killer Pizza".  He works with three others, Doug, Annabel, and Strobe.  Annabel is a leader at heart, and figures out how everybody can work together well.  Strobe is strong and silent, and is a teen with a dark past.  Toby is the kid who doesn't get great grades, (haha "get great grades") and doesn't find it easy to make friends.  Doug is the kid who sits in the corner, watching everybody else work.  It turns out Doug is really the owner of Killer Pizza (harvey), but he's more than that! He's a monster hunter, and he wants to employ, and train Toby,  Annabel, and Strobe.  They agree, and have to hunt down guttata.  As they fight, Annabel gets captured by the Alpha male himself! The alpha says that he will let her go, and leave the city, if the MCO (Monster Combat Officers), will let them have their monthly gathering in peace.  Strobe, and Toby don't like it.  They rescue Annabel!
Age range: Young Adult.
Rating: Out of 5 ********************.

Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, LOVE this book!


  1. Wait! A book about food and monsters?!

  2. Yes. Did I mention that Toby is a chef? Or at least, he wants to be one!


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Bettas, and some other fish have an organ called the "Labyrinth" which allows them to breathe air.

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