Friday, February 18, 2011

More Zombies, and Sharks.

Found two zombie podcasts that I'm listening to.  One is called "The Zombie Chronicles".  The other is "Zombie Strike".  Zombie Strike is called "clean" on iTunes, The Zombie Chronicles on the other hand... Let's just say, isn't.  But I haven't listened to Zombie Strike, yet.  The Zombie Chronicles is good though.  Now, a Disaster Spot post!

2001 was called "The Summer of The Shark", though only three people actually died.  The same number as in 1991.  Less than in 1981.  Two people died within days of each other, both males.  David Peltier, was the first death of 2001.  A 10-year-old boy, who died while surfing with his father.  His father tried to pry the shark's mouth open, and got his hand cut.  He also tried punching the shark, and finally got his son free.  The boy's femoral artery was, sadly, severed, and David died.  Sergei Zaloukaev, age 28, was next, two days after David's attack! Sergei also died, but the sad part about this attack is really his swimming companion:
Sergei got attacked by a shark while helping his girlfriend get out of the shark's mouth.  She escape with severe injuries.  She got attacked before Sergei even! Her leg was taken, but he died..  They were taking their last swim before leaving the US to go back to Russia when it happened.  They were in North Carolina.  David was in Virginia.  Eric Reichardt, 42, was next, but it wasn't because of a shark he died, they say he was fighting off a shark - while diving - when his diving regulator probably fell out of his mouth, and he drowned.  That's what most people think, some think he simply drowned, some blame sharks.  The funny thing is: They claim not to know what type of shark got any of them! Though on the show (Shaaaaarrrkkk weeeeeeeeeeek o_o) I watched about these attacks blamed a bull shark for the first two I talked about! Some scientists believe that Sergei, and David were both killed by Bull Sharks, some believe Sergei was killed by a Tiger Shark.   Bull sharks are said to have the highest level of circulating Testosterone, than any other creature on the planet, which is, supposedly, what makes them the most aggressive species of shark.  Bull Sharks have special glands that can release salt into the water around them to make it possible for them to live in fresh water rivers, and lakes, as well as salt water oceans, and seas.  This is supposed to make Bulls the most dangerous type of shark.  Really, very few sharks are dangerous:
Bull sharks (I wonder how I knew this one IS dangerous! :O)
Great White Sharks (seems obvious you say?  I'm just trying to tell you a few kinds of sharks that are dangerous! Geeeeeez!)
Tiger Sharks (duh)
WHALE SHARKS (hahaha, not :P  No really, they're completely harmless!!)
Sand Tiger Shark
Hammerhead Shark
Spinner Shark
Blue Shark
Researching is such a long word, don't you think?  It should shrink.  That's what I think, but what do I know?  Other than sharks? :P

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