Friday, July 15, 2011

Project - Part one: Clay

I'm afraid I was much too busy to post anything yesterday.  And for those who are readers, but not followers, I am going to be changing to URL.  I think it's going to become, juniorzoologist.blogspot, or the thesharkkid.blogspot.  Why don't I put up a poll?  Comment with any other ideas!

This is the beginning of my project.
This is a small model shark, one I did just for fun, and not the better one.

This is my "sparkle shark"! My better model, with all it's fins, and such correctly placed, and spaced apart from each other.

This is the BEGINNING of my project! Later I'll will post "Project - Part two: The Shoebox".  :)

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Fish are not as easy to keep as most people think.
Guppies are also called "Millions Fish" because they have so many babies!
Bettas, and some other fish have an organ called the "Labyrinth" which allows them to breathe air.

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