Monday, July 12, 2010

Meg 1995

Hello readers of Disaster Spot!!!! For those of you who did not read the comments on my last post, I changed my profile picture, and my display name. I apparently, have started doing book and movie reviews on my blog!! Only Disaster themed though!!

I am reading a book, or I should says was, it is a kind of difficult book, so I took a break from it, but that was a few years a go, I don't think I was ready for it then, but anyway.

It's called "Meg: A novel of Deep Terror" By: Steve Alten. Very close in subject to "Jaws". In Meg, there is a Giant Carcharodon Megalodon, also called "Meg". In the AMAZINGLY AWESOME prologue a T.Rex gets caught in the water and is eaten by the "Meg". In this book a "Navy deep-sea submersible pilot" Named Jonas Taylor, goes on a top-secret mission to the "Mariana trench". The Megalodon in the book is a 70ft. 60,000 lb. Great-white-Shark. This species of shark is supposed to have died off with the dinosaurs, in the book, there are still some living. And the most interesting part of this book, is that it Could contain some truth, Carcharodon Megalodon could still be living today, in the deepest parts of the ocean. Like the Mariana Trench, the deepest trench in the entire ocean. Oceanographers, Scientists, Palaeontologists, and other shark, and prehistoric experts, believe that the Carcharodon Megalodon may still be alive today, in the deepest parts of the ocean, and most ocean trenches a round the world. The most asked question is: How has a Shark that big hidden itself for millions of years, without any humans noticing?? The best answer seems to be, no humans have gone any where near the bottom of the trench. Some scientist believe, that the Meg(s) have hidden closer to the bottoms of these trenches, so no humans have ever seen them. Megalodons eat whales and dolphins, Megalodons could go out of their trenches for a few minutes to catch a meal, then take their meal home. Or whales and dolphins might end up in the trenches somehow. Well, from what I have read in the beginning..... It sounds like a good book.

Well, Keep Reading and Researching!!!!!


  1. In my opinion, the best books are those that include some nugget of truth that makes us consider possibilities. It's just much more fun to imagine the impossible is true than to just always run around thinking that just because *we* haven't experienced means it's not true. I just think there are so many things in this world that can not (and maybe should not) be explained, and perhaps we should embrace our ignorance and cultivate a willingness to learn and explore rather than being so quick to just say it isn't so.

    There could be a Meg, and I do believe in fairies!

  2. THERE IS A MEG!!!!!!!! I SAW ONE!!!! IT WAS IN A MOVIE I WATCHED!!!!!!! CALLED JAWS!!!! IT WAS A BABY MEG!!!!!! :O Most books make me think: "Hmm, I bet that could be real, OH MY GOSH I HAVE TO GO SEARCH THE BROOK FOR DRAGONS, AND WHEN WE GO TO THE BEACH I WILL SERCH FOR MEGS, And, and, and, and, NOW I HAVE TO WAIT FOR MY FRIEND TO FIND SOMETHING ABOUT A FREAK SHOW AND WIN THE TICKET, and become a vampire......... um..... In order to do that I would have to steal a spider, NEVERMIND ON THAT ONE I HATE SPIDERS!!!!" Something like that, anyway, I got some research to do, right............... NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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