Sunday, September 12, 2010

1998 Tornado outbreak

Hello Readers of Disaster Spot!! Another year, and another Tornado outbreak!!! Oh yeah, does anybody like meh Fishehs??? :P

The Tornado outbreak of 1998, happen in Tennesse, Kentucky, Illinous, and Arkansas. The Tornado outbreak lasted TWO WHOLE DAYS!!!!!! This was a, big Tornado outbreak, lots more Tornados then the one in 1997. 61 Tornados were reported in that two day period. 25 F0, 15 F1, 12 F2, 7 F3, 1 F4, and 1 F5. If someone tells you, that F5 Tornados don't happen often, theynprobably have no clue what they're talking about, so far on Disaster Spot, there has been 1 F5 Tornado every Disaster year, and we're only in the second Disaster year! 12 People were killed in this outbreak, 2 in Arkansas in one county, 3 in Kentucky in 2 countys, and 7 in Tennesse in 4 Countys. More will have to come on this later! Sorry!!





The three Ruh words ;)

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