Thursday, September 8, 2011

Updated list

This is my list of things to get done now:
Reef Sharks - ^ (The box is going to be most of the info on reef sharks)
Krill Eaters - ^
Man Eaters - ~
Small Sharks - x
Shark Skeletons - x
2001: Summer of the Sharks - ~
Shark Produsts - ~
Odd Places for Sharks - ^
Sharks of New England - ~
~=done, x=not even started, ^=started.

The models I still need to do are the same.  And the pictures are going to be done EASILY! In fact I'll probably do the pictures today, after my dance classes or something.  The models I will finish tomorrow.
My Presentation is tomorrow, will I be ready?  Who knows.  I'm going to have a small "survey" for people to tell me what they thought about my presentation, that way I'll know for my end of the year Presentation what to do again, and what not to do.  I'll finish up the pages I've started, and all my pictures tonight, and tomorrow I will only have two pages, and my models to finish.  Tomorrow's the big night, wish me luck!

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Quick facts:
Bettas need at LEAST 3.5 Gallons of water, a filter, a heater, lights, and a thermometer!
Fish are not as easy to keep as most people think.
Guppies are also called "Millions Fish" because they have so many babies!
Bettas, and some other fish have an organ called the "Labyrinth" which allows them to breathe air.

What do you think about that?