Thursday, August 4, 2011

Project part 3 - Info sheets!

I have a presentation board that was being used for my Snakehead project, that a few of you may know about.  (I never finished that project...)

I am going to have multipul sheets of paper about different species of sharks:

1. Reef Sharks: Blacktipped, Whitetipped, and more! (The shoe box is a shoebox reef, in case you forgot)

2. Harmless Sharks: Harmless to humans that is... They still have to eat.

3. "Man-Eaters": Do they really eat men?  And do they eat women and children, too?

4. Small Sharks: And you thought sharks were big man-eaters!

5. Shark Teeth, and Jaws: The only bones they have.

6. 2001: Summer of the Sharks... For some unknown reason.

7. Shark products: I know.  I didn't want to know about these either.

8. Odd places to find sharks: Washington state, Greenland, Canada, sharks are everywhere!

I'm also going to have handouts with a little bit of information from each sheet on them.  But that's a whole other post :)

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