Wednesday, February 13, 2013

South American Biotope: Part 3

Part 3 is here!

You'll never believe it, but I changed my stocking plan.  Crazy, right?  Unexpected?  Probably not... Here is the new stocking, and the reasons for the changes.

  • 10 Glowlight Tetras - not changed.
  • 2-4 German Blue Rams - not changed.
  • 8-10 False Bandit Cories - why the change?  I found these at a local pet store! Cheaper than $40 for 6 of them!
  • 1-2 Albino Bristlenose Plecos - why?  I saw them at my lps (Local Pet Store), and fell in love! These are instead of the Albino Cories that I was thinking about.
  • 4 Platys - already have these 4!  
  • 2 Guppies - Lost another guppies today :( Niklaus died sometime last night.  Though he was completely fine during the water change I did last night!
So that's my stocking list now.  Why did I take the Black Widow Tetras (my favorite tetra) off?  Because they get huge.  Two inches or so long, and tall! That's a little bigger than I thought, so I'm thinking about doing some other kind of tetra, or even just making the Glowlight's school bigger.  I'm not sure yet.
The plants I'm getting I'm pretty sure are the same, but I'll put them here anyways.

  • Duckweed - floats on the top of the tank
  • Green Cabomba - I wanted red, but couldn't find it anywhere! So I'm settling with green... It's a frilly plant, good for fry.
  • Amazon Swords - I hear these get big, mine are currently 2-4" tall, they've got a little more growing to do...
  • Watersprite - A somewhat frilly plant, not as frilly as the cabomba though.  
  • Christmas Moss - I'm going to plant this a little in the sand, and on some of the wood!
I'll probably find a few more plants eventually, but for now that's it!

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