Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Damien Shadowe


Today I got a new Betta! Damien Shadowe is a black, white, and blue "super-delta".  When I saw him at the pet store I picked him up, and I couldn't force myself to put him back.  I've been looking for a black Betta for over a year now! I've wanted to move my Guppies out of the Betta tank so they can get used to living with Zip, so this was perfect.  The fish in the 6.6 Gallon will only be in there for another few weeks anyways.  He seems a little thin, like he was underfed, but not like Jack was the day he died, which is good.

Started filling up my 55 Gallon today.  I added all the sand, some of the rocks, and my Amazon Swords, and one Anubias plant.  Soon the clouding from the sand should go down, probably just in time for me to start filling it up again tomorrow...  I'm going to get my branches started getting ready tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be able to get the Ammonia to start my cycle.  Tomorrow maybe I'll start a page "journal" about my 55 Gallon.  I'll post pictures for sure, though it doesn't look very nice yet.

More tomorrow!

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Quick facts:
Bettas need at LEAST 3.5 Gallons of water, a filter, a heater, lights, and a thermometer!
Fish are not as easy to keep as most people think.
Guppies are also called "Millions Fish" because they have so many babies!
Bettas, and some other fish have an organ called the "Labyrinth" which allows them to breathe air.

What do you think about that?