Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zoey's Tank Remodeling: Part 1

I have decided to completely remodel my fish tanks! First I'm going to start with Zoey's (I'd like to upgrade Jack's).  Part one is decision making.

First I had to decide the kind of substrate I want in the bottom of my tank.  (Gravel, or sand)
I was told I can use a certain kind of blasting media that won't harm the fish, so that is what I will be using.  It's called "Black Diamond", it's black sand.

Second I had to decide between the plastic plants I currently have, getting new silk plants, or trying to grow live plants.  I decided on live plants.

Third I had to decide what kinds of plants, and I had to think about what kind of conditions each of these plants need.  Here are the plants I've decided on for my 3.5 Gallon tank.

Java Fern - These plants need to have their roots exposed in the water, it's best to have them on a rock or piece of wood.  They will attach their roots to the wood, or rock.  They are a low-medium light plant.  They don't need any kind of fertilizer or anything like that, but they do grow better with it.  All of these things together make it a good beginner's plant, which is good because I've never had live aquarium plants.  My favorite aquarium plant.

Green Cabomba - These plants can have their roots planted in the substrate (sand in this case).  Green Cabomba grows very tall, very fast, so you will need to cut it back often.  This plant requires medium-high light.  They also require no fertilizer, but grow better with it.  This plant is another beginner's plant, I have a black plastic version of it, and I'm very excited to get the real thing!

Java Moss - A low light plant.  This moss also needs to be attached to a log, or a rock.  I am going to get a rock (that looks like wood), attach one Java fern on each side, and Java moss in the middle.  Java moss actually needs to be attached to the rock, or wood until the roots take hold.  Like the others they require no fertilizer.  Also like the others it is a beginner plant

Anubias Petite Nana - I keep changing the type of Anubias I want, but this one is small so I think it's my best bet! Another low light plant.  With all the same requirement as the other three.  Also a beginners plant. 

So now you know my plan, I just have to put it in action! Keep watching for Zoey's Tank Remodeling: Part 2 (buying the supplies).  I will be posting in between parts, so if part two isn't my next post don't worry! It's coming! :)

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